Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome, Visitors!

Awhile ago, Ann Holte, and I exchanged some emails about the possibility of her linking my blog to her page.

I see that she has done that.  I was updating with the progress from this long holiday weekend, and saw that I had 12 hits today.  I wondered if it had been me checking the look/format of the page -- then I checked sources.   You all came from Ann's page.  And, wondrously -- 33 of you visited yesterday!   [Oh no! You had a STALE blog!]

No matter when you came, or how, or why ... I welcome you.  You give me more incentive to continue progress (along w/ my resolution to sew some each week -- I'd love to say to sew every day, but with working 70-74 hours between my two 'real' jobs, my available sewing during waking hours are limited mainly to Sundays.  :)   [Now, if I could just manage to "sleep-quilt" I'd be golden!! :) ])

For those of you who visit me because of ... well ... ME... here's a link to the link on Ann's blog:

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