Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year - 2012

It is hard to believe that another year has passed.  I spent the day in a hotel room in Sayre, PA sewing on my Lancaster Diamond quilt -- with just quick breaks for a continental breakfast in the hotel's restaurant, and a jaunt out to Subway for lunch.  Holed up with me, and working on her own quilt was my BFF, Amy.

I completed 9 more blocks before calling it a day.  (Amy had sewn together an entire quilt top in the time it took me to put together 8 of the blocks).

The block that I think I struggled the most with was the 'cactus/bird' block (G6).  I have great admiration for those who can applique a circle, and have it come out looking like a circle and not some "gon" ( in my case, I think it was a dodecagon, but who is counting?! ;) )

I am happy to be making progress again on this quilt.  I think that getting over the hump with block G5 (the Seminole piecing block that plagued me) allowed me to move on. 

And, isn't that what a new year is about?  Moving on. 

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