Wednesday, January 18, 2012


L16 by jvc_scout_mom
This is the first block in Set 9.

These are two of my new red/yellow purchases (made on Monday).  Neither one is a reproduction print; however, they play nice with the reproductions I do have in my collection.

Sadly, when I visited my favorite quilt store in Danville, The Rose of Sharin' (the only quilt store in Danville, to be honest); they had no bright reds or yellows in their reproduction area.  I did find a very pretty pink, and an almost lime green (if reproduction fabrics were that color) along with a homespun orange plaid that I added to my collection in fat quarter, fat quarter and fat eighth quantities respectively. Sadly, there were no 'bright' colors in their reproduction area.  There were a few oranges, but I wasn't looking for that -- and I already have at least a layer cake of that whole line.  :)

This also gave me a chance to show the owners (sisters) the Lancaster Diamond Quilt (and my blocks).  They had heard me speak of the quilt that I have been collecting fabrics for; but had not seen the pattern.  They were in awe and one was in love with the idea of all of those fussy little pieces. :) 

These fabrics were purchased at nearby Beiter's Department Store.  They have a reasonable fabric area there at prices that are sometimes hard to beat. [Generally $5, $6 a yard; however, during the summer, I found a stack of "Centennial" reproduction fabrics for $3 a yard. The Centennial fabrics are just a wee bit too 'young' for my quilt; but I picked up at least half-yards of everything.] 

Beiter's has a few rules when it comes to fabric -- #1 Quarter Yard minimum cuts and #2 You must leave at least 1 yard when you make a cut.  One of these fabrics, if I took 1/4 yard, would have been okay leaving just a few inches more than a yard; the other would have been a few inches short of a yard. So, I bought the entire bit of each -- just over 2 1/2 yards total. 

I hope that on my next visit to the area, that I can take a little time and run out to Our Gathering Place in Montoursville. This is where I have been purchasing my 'bright' reproduction fabric.  It's also where I found my bolt of (as I call it) Peptobismol Pink sashing and my bolt of Poison Green (as labeled by the manufacturer) setting diamond fabric.  

I stopped by Our Gathering Place on Monday, January 2nd on my way home from Athens, but they weren't open.  The ladies there have asked me to bring in my blocks to show them -- I had been able to show them on my i-phone, but seeing the blocks in person is quite a different experience. 


Meredith said...

Lovely block. I have the pattern but I have not yet started. I was really excited when I found your blog. I have gone back and read your past posts. Every block is so interesting.

Ida said...

Meredith -- so glad to have you following along. :) I am trying to get this finished up in the next few months. We'll see how I do. :)

May your bobbin always be full!