Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Units completed on January 1, 2012

P1300379 by jvc_scout_mom
These are the nine large diamond blocks I completed on the first day of 2012. This was approximately 10 hours of sewing.

I did take breaks for lunch, dinner and a little bit of cross stitching (to give myself a break).

I consider myself an "average" quilter.  I admit I spent a lot of time on the cactus/bird block (G6 - top of diamond) and the red/white/green/yellow "diamond block" (I9 - centre right of diamond). 

The rest of the blocks were well-behaved and went together quickly.    Okay, mostly well-behaved.  Don't look too closely at the red/white geese in block I8 (bottom of diamond). 


Elsbeth said...

Hello Ida! I am Elsbeth from the Netherlands and I am working this quilt too. We have a group where we work together. It is great fun. We have about the same colour choice, are going to use the pink and green too? Best regards!

Ida said...

I will be using the pink and green for sashing and cornerstones like the original.

I have tried to keep most of my color choices the same, but there are some where I say ... "It is okay to use something different." I did not have a lot of reproduction fabrics when I started this, so some of my early choices are not correct for the period of the quilt. I have heard that it wouldn't win awards at a large/important quilt show because of this. BUT ... this quilt is for ME .. not for a quilt show .. and I like it, and that's what matters! :)