Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lancaster Diamond Progress Chart

Below is a link to view my Lancaster Diamond progress chart -- I warned you that I had been keeping a document to help me keep track of my progress! :)

  • 78 full diamond blocks
  • 0 short half-diamond blocks (top/bottom)
  • 0 long half-diamond blocks (left/right)
  • 48 corner stone diamonds
  • 0 sashing parallelograms

Left to complete:
  • 59 full diamond blocks
  • 20 short half-diamond blocks (top/bottom)
  • 12 long half-diamond blocks (left/right)
  • 124 corner stone diamonds
  • 308 sashing parallelograms

To date, I have pieced 1617 pieces of 2969 pieces for the large diamond blocks.

I did eventually use the Spoonflower fabric that I mentioned in my previous post. It wasn't an exact match, but it blends into the 'feel' of the rest of the quilt, so sucked it up and dealt with it. [My jpg was off just a little, so you can see some 'bleed' on the Spoonflower fabric -- EXACTLY like the jpg showed. Spoonflower does a wonderful job.]

The first block that I finished was block G5. I hit it with some Mary Ellen's Best Press and a hot iron, evaluated it one more time, and decided that it was 'close enough.' I finished adding the stripes to the side of the Seminole piecing and called it a block.

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