Sunday, March 11, 2012

R22 - The Last Large Diamond

R11 by jvc_scout_mom
R11, a photo by jvc_scout_mom on Flickr.
There she is ... Miss America! Uhm, wait, that's wrong! Let's try again.

This is the last large diamond block. I have completed all 137 large diamond blocks for the quilt.

Wow! I've been sewing at this for just over one year and one month (and, I'm not done, yet!). There was a hiatus while I was waiting for sets to be released, and then for me to get motivated.

I have kept my resolution to stitch some each and every week this year. During this surgery recovery, when I couldn't move my sewing machine into place, I used 'stitch' liberally, and worked on my cross-stitching. :)

Well, off I go, to start cutting the pieces for the borders.


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