Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Exciting News -- Set 13 - The Borders

Since I am at home recovering from surgery, time has been slipping for me.  I don't know what day I received the borders from Ann Holte, because of what I call my "confinement-amnesia."   (I don't know how the Comte de Monte-Cristo kept track of his years of confinement.  I have a hard time keeping track of a week.)

Today, I sat down and counted the pieces, and assigned colors to them.  As I did this, I discovered that my photos of the borders were not as vigilant as the photos of the large diamond blocks in the center.  Often, it took consulting two or three photos before I saw the entire block.  Thankfully, I did take so many of the photos, to make sure that I had photographs of all of the large diamond blocks in the center. 

One thing that I did discover is that the maker used 'that darn plaid' as her binding.  I think I knew that before, but forgot.  She also used the fabric liberally in her border pieces.  I really wish that I could see this quilt in person again.  I'd like about 1,000 more photographs! :)

I have updated the Progress Chart.  The piece total is 3340.  I have 2653 pieces sewed.  I do know that some of the piece numbers will not match, as Ann and I have looked at certain fabrics differently -- me counting it as one, and her as many as 5 for one wide stripe. 

Here is my really exciting news.  Okay, it's exciting for me.  My word of the week has been "Wow!" Next week, I will be staying with Ann for a day (two days, one night) for the AQS show in Lancaster.  I will be joining her and some of her quilt group for lunch, and then an old quilt discussion (discussion about old quilts) before heading into Lancaster with the group to see the Esprit Collection at the Lancaster Quilt and Textile Museum that evening. We will return the next day to see the AQS show, and Ann has a shift being a 'white glove' for the Esprit collection that afternoon.  Sometime in the process, I think Ann and I will have a chat about the quilt and blocks. :)  I've been going back and forth about taking my blocks or not.  I think I'm going to tuck them into the car, just in case. :)

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