Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Two Diamond Quilts Comparision

As I mentioned in my first post, the quilt called the "Lancaster Diamond Sampler Quilt" is one of three sister quilts. Two of the quilts are diamond quilts, and the third is a quilt made of squares set on point.

I thought that you might enjoy seeing the two diamond quilts next to each other. The coloring of the quilts is truer to the quilt on the right. It's just a bad photo of the quilt on the left, but it's the best shot of the quilt that I have.

The "Lancaster Diamond Sampler Quilt" is on the left.
The "Fanny S. Bucher Quilt" is on the right.

-------Lancaster Diamond Sampler Quilt ---------- Fanny S. Bucher Quilt ------
2Diamonds - Comparison

They share a lot of the same fabrics, and many of the diamonds are the same pattern(s). Each quilter made the quilts their own, however.

The first thing that I notice, is that the Lancaster Diamond Quilt has more applique in it. This is 'bittersweet' for me, because I, as a norm, do not like applique. That isn't entirely fair. I appreciate applique, I'm just not good at it. And, I know that I can never expect to get good at it if I don't practice. So, I am practicing with this quilt.

Let's see if we can pick out some identical (or nearly so) blocks shared between the quilts.

-------Lancaster Diamond Sampler Quilt ---------- Fanny S. Bucher Quilt ------
2Diamonds - identical/similar blocks identified

Diamond 1: Opposite colors (red on yellow vs. yellow on red)
Diamond 2: Different side fillers, otherwise the same block
Diamond 3: Different colors (red/yellow vs. green/yellow)
Diamond 4: Identical block
Diamond 5: Different choice of brown fabric, otherwise the same block

Here's some others that I didn't highlight.

On LDSQ -- near Diamond 4 -- to the right of the 'wagon wheel' ... its matching block on the Bucher quilt is just under the ring for Diamond 1. The leaves are placed on a different point/plane otherwise, it's the same block. [On LDSQ the leaves go up/down, on the Bucher quilt they go left/right]

Can you find the maple leaves in each quilt? (One in each quilt ... slightly different sizes, definitely different colors).

What other matching/similar blocks can you find?


Barb said...

Is this also knows at the Silinda Rupp or Nearly Insane quilt or does it just look similar.
I really enjoyed studied the two quilts side by side!
Very interesting!

Ida said...

This is not Salinda. Just similar from the same 'era'. This (actually there are three quilts) was made in Warwick Township in Lancaster County in the late 1800s. It has had some publicity as the Bucher Quilt.

These are diamonds. The Salinda Rupp or Nearly Insane quilt are squares. The THIRD quilt in this series is made by a daughter (Barbara Bucher Snyder) ... the two diamonds are by mother, and neighbor ... and are the same fabrics (shared), and done in squares ... similar to the Rupp/NI quilt. You can find a quilt along for that quilt here: or purchase a pattern from here:

You can view my photos of these three quilts here: