Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Next Lancaster Diamond Set(s) Release

This week I exchanged emails with Ann Holte, the designer of the Lancaster Diamond Quilt Sampler template(s) and block collections.

I was very excited to hear that
that Ann will be in Lancaster this weekend (Saturday) at the Lancaster Host Quilt Show -- out by Dutch Wonderland/Sonic (not downtown at the AQS Show at the Convention Center). She will be in the Expo Building a.k.a. "the Tennis Bubble" demonstrating in the Quilters Rule booth. Unfortunately, I have to work on Saturday. Bummer.

Even more exciting is
that Sets 6 and 7 are expected to be released in May. Does that mean that I can procrastinate sewing down that last block from Set 5 for another 2 months? Hmmm .... maybe. But, I doubt it! I want to get it off of my sewing table. <*smile*>

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