Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Progress

  • 33 full diamond blocks
  • 0 short half-diamond blocks (top/bottom)
  • 0 long half-diamond blocks (left/right)
  • 48 corner stone diamonds
  • 0 sashing parallelograms

Left to complete:
  • 104 full diamond blocks
  • 20 short half-diamond blocks (top/bottom)
  • 12 long half-diamond blocks (left/right)
  • 124 corner stone diamonds
  • 308 sashing parallelograms

1 comment:

Jeni said...

Didn't know you had a blog, Girl! Judging by the looks of all these diamonds, that's one hell of a lot of stitching work! And, as to your comment about changing the colors and such in the backgrounds cause after all, it's your quilt and you're the one doing all the work, makes perfectly good sense to me! Stop by my facebook photos and look at my crafts albums. I'm into embroidery work. Have a couple more finished things I haven't yet photographed and posted about as yet. And, right now, I'm working on a 52x70 inch tablecloth -pansies is the theme. Almost all satin stitching with a little bit of stem stitching thrown in here and there. Love doing this stuff. I have a girlfriend from H.S. who is heavy duty into quilting. If you go to my facebook friends and look for Nancy McFarlane, you can view some of her quilts on her photos page that way. I'm betting she'd love to communicate with you so if you want to do that, tell her I sent you over to her. (She's been trying for years to get me hooked on quilting! LOL)