Thursday, February 10, 2011

Block Comparisons

To offer a sense of explanation for those non-quilting friends/family who might not understand what I mean when I say that the paper-pieced blocks are in reverse, or that I changed pattern/colors as I felt the block warranted, I offer you the following:

Block B2 - You can see that this block is reversed.

Block C2 - Mostly the same, but I need a good brown/white striped fabric.

Block C3 - You can see that this block is reversed. I need a good red plaid!

Block C4 - Mostly the same

I made a few alterations by using up some small pieces that I had created. I'm sure that is what the original quilter would have done. :)

Block D4 - Reversed. Again with the good brown/white stripe!

Block D5 - Again with the good red plaid.

I didn't realize until I saw this that the tips should be red. Whoopsie! Maybe a re-do in the future.

Block D6 - Pretty much spot on. Added blue because I felt the need.

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