Monday, July 8, 2013

Quilter's Shirtless Men and a Spicy Burrito Calendar 2014


 My regular readers (all 9 of you) may be aware that I have participated in the QSMASBC (Quilter's Shirtless Men and a Spicy Burrito Calendar) since its inception.

In fact, Mark was not only "Mr. October", but also the calendar cover model for 2012.   He is displaying a quilt that he designed and made. 

Oh, the funny looks we got while shooting this!  It's not every day there's a "naked" man holding a burrito and a quilt in a cornfield in Central Pennsylvania!

BUT, the October pose was so popular that at some quilt shops, it was repeated as a "costume" for Halloween! They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. 

In 2013, he became Mr. April.  On display this year is a quilt that his mother made for him.


We're going for a THREE-peat this year. 

If you'd like more details, perhaps even getting your sweetie to join in the fun, read the "rules" at The Bitchy Stitcher - Quilters Shirtless Men and a Spicy Burrito Calendar 2014 

And, even if you don't participate in the calendar creation,  please consider purchasing the calendar.  There's lots of eye candy -- quilts, men and burritos (if that's your choice).

The calendars make great gifts!

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